Derby Unitarians

Index of Sermons

During a service at a Unitarian church or chapel there will usually be a sermon or address by the minister or worship leader. A good sermon is a sustained and intelligent discourse that reflects spiritually on an issue of either current or timeless concern.

But it is a personal statement of witness by the preacher, offered to the listeners to use as they think appropriate. There is no suggestion that the preacher's views must be accepted.

Here we have the beginning of a collection of addresses from the meetings at the Friar Gate Unitarian Chapel, Derby, and other sermons of special interest.

Title Author(s)
It Ain't Necessarily So Janet and Chris Granger
GA Anniversary Service 2008 Rev. Art Lester
A Tomb is No place to Stay Rev Chris Goacher
Sharing Intimate Conversations Rev Chris Goacher
Why Should Atheists come to Church? Christina Smith