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Derby Unitarians

A place where faith can be explored honestly and openly”

At Derby Unitarians we believe that developing the best of your humanity is important. That it is important to 'water and feed' the things  you want to grow in your life.  Things like: compassion, kindness, generosity, discipline, self awareness, integrity, courage, and happiness. 

The main thing that sets us Unitarians apart and defines us as a progressive movement – is that we believe that in the light of new understanding and insights, our beliefs may change -we believe that  when we know better, we should  do better!

The aim of our Unitarian movement is to build a community that includes the marginalised, loves the unloved and provides a space where everyone is free to grow beyond the limitations of creeds, doctrines, or prejudice of any kind.

Join us and begin your journey to living a life of 

generosity, compassion and self awareness.

Together we can build a community where people are more important than things, morals come before profit and kindness is more important than power.

If you want to know more about what Unitarians believe then click the link: Unitarian? What's that? [read more and find out...]